The 'Taylor Room’

Our new “Taylor Room’ has been designed for a group of up to four  people. With a little more space it can accommodate you, providing enough room to facilitate a small group, or conversely provide a place for discussion and debate.

The ‘Terracotta Lounge’

The ‘Terracotta Lounge’ is one of our larger meeting rooms, suitable for groups of up to Fourteen. There is a television, electric piano and enough space to comfortably facilitate groups, lead retreats or conduct meetings.

The ‘Kenyan Hall’

The ‘Kenyan Hall,’ our largest room. It can host up to fifty people, with space to spread out, engage in activities, or facilitate meetings and discussion.

The ‘Prayer Room’

The ‘Prayer Room’ is a quiet place of peace where we have Mass each day. You are welcome to join us for Mass, or if you wish, use the space at any time for quiet reflection and prayer.

The ‘Chapel’

The  ‘Chapel,’ is a beautiful place for quiet contemplation. It is available for use by groups who may wish to conduct their own Mass or Services. Next to the Kenyan Hall it can be used as a quiet ‘break out’ space for group activities, or collective reflection.

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